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Metrication Leaders Guide

What is the Metrication Leaders Guide all about?

The Metrication Leaders Guide is about
taking control of all of the measurements
in your business and in your life
rapidly, smoothly, and economically.

The Metrication Leaders Guide is about how to make
your metric system upgrade as simple as possible

Here is an example:

You can list all the metric system units that you will use for 99.9 % of the activities in your life in three lines. This is so simple that I have this information printed on the back of my business card.

1000 grams = 1 kilogram
1000 kilograms = 1 tonne

1000 millilitres = 1 litre
1000 litres = 1 cubic metre

1000 millimetres = 1 metre
1000 metres = 1 kilometre

That's it! You can learn enough about the metric system for 99.9 % of your activities in about a minute.

Your knowledge of the metric system will now last for the rest of your life.

This method of learning the metric system is called the direct approach to metrication. There are no calculations, there are no conversions, and it's now probable that you will rarely need to use decimal, vulgar or common fractions ever again.

The Metrication Leaders Guide describes a systematic direct metrication approach to upgrading to the metric system.

Direct metrication is a process of upgrading to the metric system that is smooth, economical , and above all fast.

You can obtain your copy of the Metrication Leaders Guide wherever you see the button labelled: Add To Cart like this:

Pat Naughtin wrote the Metrication Leaders Guide. Pat is a Life Member of the United States Metric Association where he is accredited as a Lifetime Certified Advanced Metrication Specialist (LCAMS).

Pat is the editor of the 'Numbers and measurement' chapter of the Australian Government Publishing Service 'Style manual – for writers, editors and printers'. Pat is also a Member of the International Federation for Professional Speakers and of the National Speakers Association of Australia.

The ideas of direct metrication developed while carefully observing the various ways that different people choose to upgrade to the metric system for over 40 years, in many different industries, and in many different countries.


I read the entire guide including most of the clickable links. I could not think of a thing for you to add. You have covered the waterfront. Your guide will provide an outstanding publication for those involved in teaching the metric system.

Lorelle Young,
President U.S. Metric Association

How this book will help you

The Metrication Leaders Guide is a comprehensive guide to direct metrication. It suggests practical steps for planning for your own metrication needs. It is a resource guide to start your metrication processes or to help you put your ides into immediate effect in your business.

It is addressed to those who might believe there's a problem in upgrading to the metric system and who admit that we have gone astray with our measuring methods for whatever reasons.

Metrication Leaders Guide


Make your upgrade to the metric system easy, smooth, cheap, and fast

  • Metrication in a day
  • Learn the metric system in a minute
  • Become familiar with the metric system in an hour

Decision making for metrication leaders

  • What is metrication?
  • What is a metrication leader?
  • Approaches to metrication
  • Metrication business planning


  • Who invented the metric system?
  • Universal acceptance of the metric system
  • Metrication approximations and reference points
  • Everyday metric examples, and metric rules of thumb
  • What holds metrication back?
  • Metrication is SUCCESSFUL
  • Summary of the metric system
  • Arguments and responses

Resources, references and acknowledgements

If you have asked yourself the question ...

'What should I do about the metric system?'

... and you have experienced the sense of urgent and painful distress that goes with this question, then the Metrication Leaders Guide is right for you.

This book is an invitation to you to accept your own role as a leader in the metrication of the world. This book will offer you new ways of thinking that you can adapt and use immediately in your own life — starting today.

It is nice to think that the solutions offered in this book will be immediately applicable to all aspects of your life. This is possible as all the ideas are based on actual observations of real people in real business situations.

I hope that the directions and examples that I provide will expand your metrication ideas, help you to develop your own metrication policies, help you to set your metrication goals, and that you use them until they become second nature in your daily activities.

Metrication always offers new ways of working that can save you time, energy, and money. As your metrication process develops you will gain more time, more energy, and more money than you spend on the metrication process. It can even be fun.

You will find some parts of this book that are especially important to you and other parts that you can safely leave to others. However, there are some things are common to all of us. For example we all need to measure and become familiar with the metric measures that surround us every day. Whenever you experience any difficulty, it's probably time to re-read the Metrication Leaders Guide.

Strangely, finding out about the small, local, metric measures around us puts us in touch with the whole world because metric units are now found world-wide among all peoples. They bring together the basic measurements that we need for our relationship with all of the other people in the world.

Where can I see direct metrication in action?

Wherever there has been a rapid, smooth, and economical transition to the metric system, you can see and study direct metrication in action. But you will have to be quick because of the speed of direct metrication. For example:

  • General Motors changed to the metric system in the mid 1970s in about a year.
  • Ford also changed in the 1970s in roughly the same year.
  • Kodak film changed to millimetres in 1910.
  • The USA changed the definitions of inches, feet, and miles to metric in 1893.
  • The USA again changed the definitions of inches, feet, and miles to metric in 1959.

As I said, you would have to have been quick to see these changes because all of these used direct metrication to change rapidly, smoothly, and economically to the use of the metric system.

With direct metrication, there is no drawn-out expensive conflict for you and the media to observe over a long period. To experience a long drawn out change to the metric system you need to avoid direct metrication and instead choose another path to the metric system. Whenever you see such a long drawn out change to the metric system, you are probably watching a process that involves metric conversion, dual measures, or hidden metric.

If you see a slow process you are definitely not watching direct metrication. As I said, to see direct metrication, you have to be quick.

Bad measuring methods are not just wasteful because they don't work effectively, and not because they cost you financially, but also because they create unnecessary work for you and for everyone you associate with.

Have you ever considered how much a single good metrication practice is worth to your business?

Suppose that you could:

  • Save your company 20 % of its paper costs just by changing the margins on your letters and reports to millimetres.
  • Realise that by understandin measurement on every item you buy for your business, you could save about 10 % on all of your purchases.
  • Reduce 10 % or more of the errors in all of your manufacturing processes.
  • Save an uncountable amount of time in all sales meetings through honest measuring communication when participants are not constantly making calculations to suit their old mindset..
  • Be able to import from and export to any nation in the world without the incalculable expense of measurement conversions.
  • Communicate with anyone in the world about your products and their features clearly and simply, with an unlimited increase in the market for your products, and with many more possible sales.

Imagine ... all of the above can be achieved simply and easily by using the Metrication Leaders Guide

Too good to be true?

Not if you have the right tools. And the Metrication Leaders Guide is packed with hundreds of proven ideas and approaches to metrication that have worked for thousands of others all around the world.

Nothing provides a better return on investment, dollar-for-dollar, than having soundly based metrication policies and practices. This applies to every product or service that you sell now, or that you will develop and sell in the future.

Think about it. In your business:

Everything you buy,

everything you process, and

everything you sell

is measured.

And if it's not you who is in control of the measurement processes that apply to your business then you are placing your absolute trust for the future of your business in the hands of others — maybe strangers you have never met and are never likely to meet — who may have different motives toward honest measurement policies.

The Metrication Leaders Guide may be the cheapest resource you will ever buy if it helps you form a fully developed measurement policy for your business.

Simply put, a metrication policy is like having a little automatic, money making robot working for you, tirelessly ... all day every day, and all night every night if you run to a night shift.

Personally, you know that the future will be based on the metric system. The adoption of the metric system in all nations is now inevitable. For example, it is estimated that almost 70 % of industry in the USA is now metric. Otherwise there could be no exports or imports to or from the USA, because the rest of the world is now all-metric.

The Metrication Leaders Guide will help you write your own metrication policy and then it will relentlessly deliver your metric system policy perfectly, every time. It will never call in sick. It will never complain. And it will never quit on you.

But, creating a metrication policy can be the hard part ...

It could take you years and cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combination of details to write into the perfect metrication policy for your business. You could have false starts — or worse — go in wrong directions for years before you figure out the best approach to your inevitable metrication policy and practices.

Fortunately, the Metrication Leaders Guide incorporates years of experience from hundreds of companies to guide your way and — more importantly — to reduce your costs and to stop you falling flat on your face from errors already made by others — errors that you can easily avoid by usinmg the Metrication Leaders Guide.

Instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right metrication policy, you can now have an entire collection of hard-hitting, profit-generating metrication principles for your business, already prepared for you. All you need do is to apply them to your specific business.

Maybe you’re a sales rep looking to develop your career internationally ... no problem! Read the sections on What is the metric system? and What is metrication?

Maybe you're a junior manager looking to develop your reputation as a change leader ... no problem! Study the sections on Approaches to metrication, Metrication for yourself, and Metrication at your work — step by step.

Maybe you're a senior manager who needs resources to convince others that the metric system is the way to go for your company ... no problem! Use the various speaking resources contained in the Metrication Leaders Guide. You will find the Metrication is SUCCESSFUL (speakers notes) and the very extensive Arguments and responses sections particularly useful.

Maybe you're a production manager who has to train new employees in how to use the metric system on the job. You will find the sections on Metrication approximations and reference points, and Measurement practice especially useful.

Are you a professional? Any accountant, architect, chiropractor, dentist, doctor, lawyer, or veterinarian can use the Metrication Leaders Guide to quickly and easily improve your practice.

In short, the Metrication Leaders Guide is a complete package.

Did you know that a survey in the UK showed that the industry average for additional costs from not having a metrication policy is roughly 10 % of turnover. What is 10 % of your company's annual turnover?

But be prepared for some surprises. The Metrication Leaders Guide is based on practical experience. It won't waste any of your time with the theory of the metric system, the history of measuring, or conjecture about how your metrication upgrade is best done by people who don't know your industry. All the recommendations in the Metrication Leaders Guide have been tried and tested in real companies and in real industries.

There is no fluffing out the package with time filling exercises that you might find outside real businesses — say in schools or colleges. The guidance provided in the Metrication Leaders Guide is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It has been pruned and honed to the essentials you need for your metrication upgrade.

If you’re expecting some boring collection of metric system theory — think again — you won't find it here.

By the way, unlike many eBooks sold on the internet, the Metrication Leaders Guide will not offer you any extra bonus benefits that you will never use (such as for ordering by midnight tonight). We made sure we put everything that was necessary into the Metrication Leaders Guide that you will need.

The only extra bonuses we provide are numerous references to the comprehensive pages at the Metrication matters web site at

Let me end by sharing a short story with you.

A company in Melbourne, Australia, successfully completed their metrication upgrade in a single day. They did this with some careful planning and professional presentations. They have been saving money at the rate of about 10 % of their previous turnover every year since 1975.

The complete story of this company's metrication upgrade and the principles they used are all included in the Metrication Leaders Guide for you to consider.

Okay, So what do we charge for this incredible resource?

We are aware that we cannot charge what this resource is worth. Nobody is about to pay us a portion of the 10 % of turnover they could potentially save each year. So we have decided to provide it to you more or less at cost.

I realise that I could deliver this collection of metrication ideas in person but to do this I have to charge several thousand per day plus my travel expenses from Geelong in Australia. (I currently charge a minimum of $1,650.00 for a one-hour presentation — and that’s for the presentations where I don't have to do any customisation — customised presentations start at double this amount). Even to produce the Metrication Leaders Guide as a physical book would mean that I would have to charge something like $79.95 for each copy.

So I’m not going to charge you anywhere near the appropriate amount for the value you will receive or even my minimum writing project price. In fact, your total investment for all the benefits that you will receive from the Metrication Leaders Guide is just $23.65 AUD and that translates in mid 2009 to about $19.85 USD.

I have no doubt that the money you’ll save from these proven metrication practices can very easily pay you back hundreds (perhaps thousands) of times for your small investment.

So what’s the catch? Why am I practically giving the Metrication Leaders Guide away?

It’s quite simple, really. Even though you’re getting thousands of dollars worth of metrication information at your immediate disposal, I recognise that it is, after all, an eBook, so delivery costs are not high but we do have to cover ongoing development and maintenance costs.

That's it — there is no more.

All you have to do to receive your copy of the Metrication Leaders Guide is to click on the button labelled: Add To Cart below:

Cheers and best wishes for your all-metric future,

Pat Naughtin
PO Box 305 Belmont 3216
Geelong, Australia

P.S. Just think! You’ll never have to suffer through the process of devising your own metrication policy. It's all there ready for you to access — right now!


The Metrication Leaders Guide is not free.

The Metrication Leaders Guide can be very annoying.

The Metrication Leaders Guide is based on studying many different metrication processes, in many industries, and in many nations. Because of this, its recommendations are based on real-world observations, and only successful policies and procedures are recommended in the Metrication Leaders Guide.

Specifically, these are not recommended:

  • Conversions of any kind
  • The use of the prefixes centi, deci, deca, and hecto.
  • The use of fractions of any kind
  • Soft conversions
  • Hidden metric
  • Local spelling
  • Obfuscation and dishonesty in measurement
  • Slithering or sliding decimal points

If you are dedicated to – or extremely fond of using – any of these processes for your inevitable metrication upgrade you might find the Metrication Leaders Guide too annoying for you to read and to use. I suggest that you stop here – and do not buy the Metrication Leaders Guide.

Pat Naughtin is the editor of the free online monthly newsletter, 'Metrication matters'. You can subscribe by going to and clicking on 'Newsletter'.

Pat is also editor of the 'Numbers and measurement' chapter of the Australian Government Publishing Service 'Style manual – for writers, editors and printers'. He is a Member of the International Federation for Professional Speakers and the National Speakers Association of Australia. Pat is also a Life Member of the United States Metric Association where he is accredited as a Lifetime Certified Advanced Metrication Specialist (LCAMS).

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