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Dear Friend of metrication,

If you are interested in constant, continuing, support as you make your quick, easy, and economical transition to the metric system then the 'Metrication matters' newsletter is probably right for you.

As you know developing your knowledge, skills, and experience in using the metric system makes your work less costly and more efficient and this can help, in turn, to improve the profits of your company and, at the same time, to further your own career.

Metrication matters contains hundreds of proven ideas that you can instantly use to make progress with your metrication projects.

You will save thousands of hours researching metrication ideas as this has already been done for you.

For years, I've been working with some of the world's best metrication experts to help them accelerate their business growth by using the world's best metric measurements. I have worked with clients in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the UK, and the USA. I have loads of experience on what works (and what doesn't work) for your metrication project.

And now you can tap into this experience.

In my monthly e-mail newsletter Metrication matters I will give you great ideas for your business that you can put to work to save you money straight away. Every month I send you 10 business-building ideas based on my own business or that I've used with my clients.

I've been sharing my best, most jealously-guarded secrets for six years and you can gain immediate access to more than 700 tips, ideas, and suggestions to help your business immediately from all of the back issues of the Metrication matters newsletter below.

And the best part is ... it's FREE!

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Of course, I value your privacy, and will not disclose your e-mail address to anybody else. And yes, you can unsubscribe at any time (but, after reading the content I bet you won't in four years only one person has ever unsubscribed!)

If you'd like to see a preview of the sort of tips and ideas you'll read in Metrication matters, all of the back issues are listed at the bottom of this page. Here are hundreds of proven ideas YOU can instantly use in your business without spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on doing your own research.

Go to the bottom of this page, read a few back issues of Metrication matters and you will be able to make immediate metric progress using these ideas!

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Hi Pat, I have read your current issue of Metrication Matters - as usual it is full of interesting bits of information.
Martin Vlietstra

Mr. Naughtin, Thank you for the recent edition of the Metrication Matters. It is an excellent publication and it is a good source of sound guidance on converting to metric.

In spite of the slow movement towards metric use and the many disappointments that we have encountered we are seeing progress in many areas. ...

Kenneth S. Butcher
Group Leader
NIST Weights and Measures Division, Laws and Metric Group

Dear Pat, I thoroughly enjoyed your latest Metrication matters as always. Thanks for keeping us so well informed on Metrication matters.
Best regards,
Peter Henry.

Dear Pat, Thanks again. I enjoyed today's Metrication matters. I especially enjoy thinking of the range of your contacts and the implicit work of harmony you are doing among the people of the world.
Cheers friend,
Barbara Hall, Skipton, Australia

Many thanks for the latest Metrication Matters. Loved your piece on 'Don't use metric' at: /docs/DontUseMetric.pdf/
Michael V Worstall
Chartered Electrical Engineer

Hi Pat Thank you for all the great information on Metrication. This is the first time I tried your quiz at /docs/MetricationQuiz.pdf but I really liked it. I did well on Knowledge, Ok on skill and have more work to do on my personal use of metric, but thanks to you I'm on my way. Keep up the great work!
Deb Shea - USA

Pat Naughtin, We will be adding a URL link to Metrication Matters (/index.html ) to the NIST Metric Program webpage as you suggested. I sincerely apologize for the oversight. I personally enjoy reading your newsletter and look forward to it each month.
Best regards,
Elizabeth J. Gentry
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Weights and Measures Division

So Pat, keep up the good work!
Linda D. Bergeron

Keep telling us about any new metric news that promotes the metric system. Keep up the good work Pat.
John Mercer

Thanks for your monthly newsletter. My only suggestion is to keep it up. I enjoy the interesting facts, such as the carat stuff, and the earthworms also.
California, USA

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So, how do you get on to a quick and easy metrication path?

The free monthly newsletter, 'Metrication matters', covers nearly everything you need to know about moving directly from your present measurement muddle to the simplicity of the modern metric system ... and you can start today!

You've probably heard about metric conversion charts, metric conversion tables, and even metric conversion calculators. But what have you heard about the support, encouragement, and even inspiration for the quicker and more direct metrication methods recommended in the 'Metrication matters' newsletter?

To make sure that you make an immediate beginning on your metrication program we will send you a free gift just for subscribing to the 'Metrication matters' newsletter. As a thank-you, we will send you a free copy of our Special Report: 'Metrication is SUCCESSFUL', a 37 page guide to help you begin your metrication program at work, at college, at school, or at home. This book is designed to help you discuss even argue about the positive benefits of the metric system.

This gift will be sent to you as an e-book. Even on a typical dial-up Internet connection, it takes less than four minutes to receive! And, of course, there are no shipping or postage charges!

If you're looking for a truly different path to the metric system then the 'Metrication matters' newsletter is for you.

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And it's not like any other newsletter you've ever read on metrication.


Simply, every item, every activity, and every procedure in the 'Metrication matters' newsletter is based on practical quick and successful metrication programs selected from the best in the world. Every nation in the world is now mostly metric due to successful and proven metrication programs

How do I know?

Because I write the newsletter! I was born in Australia before the Australian government made the decision to 'Go metric'. So I was able to closely observe highly successful metrication programs in a whole range of crafts, trades, and professions.

I simply select from the best of these to write 'Metrication matters'.

I have also consulted and spoken to groups all over the world, including the USA, so I know what is needed in all of these places.

(By the way, I have also seen a few not so successful attempts at metric conversion but you will rarely find references to these methods in 'Metrication matters'.)

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Here's a preview at what you'll discover in 'Metrication matters':

  • What makes metrication different from metric conversion with all those metric conversion chart, metric conversion tables, and even metric conversion calculators ('Metrication matters' promotes a unique method!)

  • How to do metric calculations in your head without paper, tables, or calculators!

  • How even a beginner can get started with metrication even if you have rarely made measurements in your life!

  • How to take ordinary numbers and transform them into useful commercial and technical information for the profitable benefit of your business (and your own career).

  • The simple secret for quick and rapid metrication (truth is, you can learn all the metric units you need to know to renovate your home or even build a new home in less than two minutes).

  • How you can quickly and confidently become the metrication specialist in your business and in your industry.

  • How to show your friends and workmates how to enjoy the ease and simplicity of the metric system.

In fact, if you would like to read previous issues of 'Metrication matters', just scroll down to the bottom of this page to read back copies of 'Metrication matters'.

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And that's just a fraction of what you'll find out from 'Metrication matters'.

So, how much better would you feel having the metric system at your command? How would it feel to be totally confident using the metric system whenever you feel it is right to do so?

That's why you should sign up as a subscriber to the 'Metrication matters' newsletter today (in fact, you can be reading the first of your regular monthly newsletters in this metric transition program in a few days from now!).

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Your quickstart to metrication

Don't forget that to make sure that you make an immediate beginning on your metrication program we will send you a free gift just for subscribing to the 'Metrication matters' newsletter. As a thank-you, we will send you a free copy of our Special Report: 'Metrication is SUCCESSFUL', a 37 page guide to help you begin your metrication program at work, at college, at school, or at home.

This gift will be sent to you as an e-book. Even on a dial-up Internet connection, it takes less than four minutes to receive! And, of course, there are no shipping or postage charges either!

Won't it be great when you feel that you are in control of the metric system and not have it forced upon you?

What you're going to learn from the 'Metrication matters' newsletter is based on years and years of my experience using what I learned from many successful metric transitions from all around the world. I learned from welders, weavers, tailors, spinners, quilters, potters, plumbers, knitters, builders, architects and I have now filtered, and selected, the best information from all of these.

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I wish you best wishes for great successes along your metrication pathway!


Pat Naughtin

P.S. Don't forget, you're getting a regular monthly 'Metrication matters' newsletter that will provide everything you need to get you started on your own metrication program.

So if that's what you want to do, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for.

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Metrication matters is a monthly email newsletter, published on the 10th day of each month. It is especially written to help individuals, groups, and companies make a smooth, and rapid, upgrade to metric measures.

There is currently no charge for this newsletter.

Metrication matters is written by Pat Naughtin, an internationally recognised metrication specialist.

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